Sunday, August 14, 2011

Louche Puce Market 8/13/11 (photos)

The Louche Puce/Flea Market returned to my town today! Not many vendors, but plenty of people...

Here are some photos, enjoy!

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Reminds me of my typewriter; a turquoise one that was made in East Germany

This took up a third of the guy's table!

A Brownie camera! :)

I like the juxtaposition of these two items

Some old Hippie dresses

I think I liked this person's wares best...

I love this movie, it is very trippy...without even taking any drugs, heck yeah!

Hey!!! ;)

I pity the fool!

I can't wait for this catch on

I watched a lot of this show in my youth

Word of advice; never take a sidekick whose name means STUPID

Very pretty

I dig blue glass a lot, and if I recall correctly they used to add copper to the basic glass mix to get the blue shade

Very detailed

Are YOU experienced?

I go through a similar checklist before I drive:
Kleenex? Check!
Alligator Head? Check!

If you like 'em, rec 'em please :)


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