Friday, June 17, 2011

What does it mean to act my age? (Poetry)

What does it mean to act my age?
Do I get the wife and make the kids
Do I do what my parents did
Do I buy into the American dream,
or as I see it the American scheme
If the 20s is the new adolescence
am I not clear, am I not making sense?
If I'm reading Rolling Stone and not Wall Street
If I'm walking tall but not on my own feet
If I feed and commune with the homeless, the down and out
if I give into hope, peace, grace and love...but not my doubt
am I acting my age?
Should I have the 401K
the, live-the-good-life and have-a-good-day
but life isn't a tidy little McDonalds package
its life, for better or worse, carryon and baggage
it's hardly about what I want or what I need
yet some are led to believe it's about greed
so do I need the extra car, house or boat
do I need these things to stay afloat
if by this it, am I acting my age?
where I'm locked up in a cage
working for 50 years to then retire
but only to remain stuck in the mire
to go to church and listen to God only Sundays
to curse his name when life sucks on Mondays
My generation strives for the almighty dollar
we're slaves to our white and blue collars
when we're successful is that enough
when we're in debt but we've got the stuff
is that what it means to act my age?
But here's what I think, I know and I believe
these external trappings only deceive
the world doesn't revolve around you or me
it's not about settling down or mediocrity
it's about living life, and living for others
treating everyone as sisters and brothers
learning to love, to share, to bring peace and restoration
to care for one another, to help end disease and starvation
to bring about God's kingdom as it was at creation...

by doing so, I act upon God's word and work and necessarily my own age.


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