Monday, June 13, 2011

Louche Puce Market (photos)

My hometown of Aurora IL is doing what they can to be more hipster/rootsy/eclectic/artsy-fartsy in my opinion. For people my age who don't intend to live here forever it's "too much and too late" but still I've been enjoying these events such as the Aurora Art Walk but the other day was the inaugural Louche Puce Market, there'll be a few more this year and since I took photos they'll give me a discount to get rid sell my crap oddities!

On to the photos, enjoy!

My favorite thing! A dobro, it didn't sell...but I'll buy it if I have the dough next time around! A guy at my church will teach me how to play, yay! (what it sounds like)

My 2nd fav thing at the flea market; a 13 year old black bear skull! Wow!

Lawyer trophy

Apart from them being old[er] boardgames, I like the typography!

They had these things, records I think they're called? They kinda look like big black CDs to me...*sarcasm*

These were cool, not my thing but I do like the colours!

Old IL license plates, 3 bucks per.

By far my favorite Far Side comic strip

Tape cassettes anyone?

Check out these crazy custom rubber duckies!

Another "big black CD"

Wayne was one of the friendliest people there. Giving away free yo yos with a smile, what a pal!

Lastly, cheers y'all regardless of what language you speak!


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