Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aurora Artwalk 5 (photography)

My hometown of Aurora IL is doing what they can to be more artsy, and so for close to 3 years now they've been having an event called Aurora Artwalk; essentially different artists can show off as well as sell their art, live music, free wine and good times are had. If I'm local come October, I'll be showing off my here are some photos from that event, enjoy!

You could make free monoblock prints

Oh look, mine!

Some wares made by women in Thailand, who are leaving/have left the sex trade and are doing something more sustainable. The ministry this is connected to is led up by my best friend's father-in-law.

One of my favorite local artists! A good deal of her art is up on display at one of my churches.

[he]artwork, my favorite piece

A drum circle held in my friend's recording studio

Art? You decide...

If I had time for another hobby, I think I would get into screenprinting

This art reminds me so much Picasso's cubist period

My bro on the right, the best 'stache we came across that night on the left


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