Friday, May 20, 2011

Be blessed and continue to bless others: my benediction to others

Often I find myself blessing others and primarily my benediction/blessing goes as follows:

Be blessed and continue to bless others

My blessing for others to be blessed and to continue to bless others isn't passed on to only other followers of Christ but to everyone; in some way, every one is capable of blessing others and being blessed, even if they're the "bad guy" no one else likes, God is capable of working within their life for His glory!

Christians and Americans aren't the only one whom God pours out goodness upon, it gets under my skin when I see signs/bumper stickers/etc. saying God Bless America because it makes God small and manageable, but it also seems like it is saying God Bless America...and no one else! God doesn't operate on our standards and what we think of him, he's not a "Potato Head" guy whom we can add accessories to make Him in our own image, on the contrary, we are made in HIS image.

I have been involved with my local PFLAG and also some interfaith activities within my comm(unity) and I see God moving through our midst and definitely blessing others who might be outside the realm of the Christian belief system. God is everywhere and as a followers of Christ he asks us to engage whatever particular culture, granted not as someone who'll partake in some areas (chill with drug users, don't use the drugs).

As a follower of Christ who is a Red Letter Christian it's my job to love on other people, to let them know they are blessed and loved by God, to engage and share the Gospel message at all times and use words when necessary (to paraphrase St. Francis of Assisi). I know some people might think, "well aren't we supposed to tell people if they're not followers of Christ they're going to Hell?" I do think this message needs to be shared, but I think that if we love on them we can get to that point, I like what Billy Graham once said:
"it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, it’s God’s job to judge, and it’s my job to love."

With that being said, to you my Xangamigos: Be blessed and continue to bless others!

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