Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chicago Photos 2

After finding my sister and father after the race, we headed to 12th Street Beach. 12th Street Beach is probably my fav beach in Chicago, I enjoy going there.

Surf, Sand and Skyscrapers

And so castles made of sand... I love that song by Jimi Hendrix

My father the fisherman and I walked down and on to the pier. He didn't catch anything but I was able to get some photos in.

Some guys zipping through the water, I took a series of their movements, I will try to make a GIF of it laters.

Walking back I had a pretty good skyline photo, granted not all of it is included, but still...

Oh I was tempted...::sarcasm::

This cloud kinda looks like a fish

Little Fish/Fingerlings

The ebb and flow, where lake meets beach

Love...need I say more?

Lone gull...before I scared it away ;)

This group had no ball control! They nearly nailed a guy on his cellphone, but with his free hand he knocked it away...very classy!

Across the bridge from whence we came from, back to responsibilities and life as I know it


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