Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chicago Photos 1

The other day I headed to downtown Chicago with my father and my sister, they were running the inaugural Rock and Roll Half Marathon: Chicago -- Now the race is your 13.1 miles, but at every mile or so there's a band playing! A few years ago I ran the same race in Nashville, yet it was mostly local bands and country (I could do without the latter). From the band's I heard and watched (some were closer for us non-runners to watch) it was more my type of music; blues, rock and roll... these would've been great bands to listen and run by! After they finished, we headed over to 12th Street Beach off of Lake Shore Drive. It was fun, but Lake Michigan was really cold and so I walked about taking photos and then took a nap. During my napping, I got sunburned (thankfully not painful - except for my neck), my sister and father woke up and we left shortly there after. We then made our way to the gym that we all workout at, I got my swimming in there! On to the photos:

First rays of dawn

Less than 40 minutes after the first photo

The starting line

The guides on bikes, so the runners would'nt go offcourse

The first corral; there were 20 or so groups, 30 second splits between each of them

And off they go! I was actually able to photograph my father and sis as they ran by, as well as some college friends which ran the race

After all the runners left the starting line, I started walking around and taking photographs (what else would I be doing? ). I met some interesting people and found out about the organizations they were with that had runners in the race.

I loved how they blocked off big areas, it made photos like this possible without the chance of being run over.

Water anyone?

I liked this Blues band, the back up guitarist is only 14 years old!

Then I went back to taking building photos and related...

I didn't see my sister and father cross the finish line :( But I still got some good photos in that area.

Wanna Banana?

The medals!

...to be continued


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